Who we are

The Climate Change, Sustainability, & Psychology Program of Psychologists for Social Responsibility (PsySR) is a group of mental health professionals seeking to increase awareness of the psychological repercussions of climate change and environmental degradation and develop novel methods to deter the harm these planetary problems are creating.

Our Goals

Our program is dedicated to understanding the psychological implications of climate change and sustainability across the globe as we strive to influence the human behavior that has led us to the brink of severe environmental degradation. Through creative, thoughtful, and caring methods, we seek to motivate individuals, communities, organizations, corporations, and governments to reduce their overconsumption and prevent environmental cataclysms that will engender anxiety, depression, and social conflict among millions of people. We are, ultimately, psychologists and other mental health professionals working as members of PsySR to infuse the environ-mental perspective into our societal discourse to prevent psychological harm, bring justice, and restore the Earth for the continuance of humanity and its fellow species.

Get Involved

This is an interactive web site that encourages you to learn about the connections between psychology and our environmentally damaging behaviors. Then, you can participate in making this site the place that mental health professionals and others can come to gain tools to deter the harm we're creating for ourselves. To do so, please click on item 3 below or "Toolkit" in the bar at the top of this page to add content to the toolkit.